HYD Series Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

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A new series has arrived!  

DS Filtration offers the HYD series of refrigerated air dryers with models from 20cfm to 6353cfm.   The HYD series offer quality and efficiency, and is suitable for a wide range of compressed air applications.  

A refrigerant air dryer cools the compressed air removing moisture before the air travels downstream in the air system where it can contaminate, corrode or damage tools and machinery, resulting in downtime and costing you time and money.  The wrong size dryer can also end up costing you time and money - to make sure you have the correct dryer for your air system call the DS Filtration team on 03 8719 5249 or fill out our contact me form and we will get in touch with you.

Designed and constructed using the highest standards and materials, the HYD series range offers superior performance, reliability, durability and most of all great value. They can be integrated into any compressed air system where clean dry air is required, are suitable for the varied Australian climate and compliment our
FP series range of Compressed Air Filters

HYD 15N sm
Features and Benefits of the HYD series include:

*Compact and space saving design

*Easy to remove panels for access to internal components for maintenance

*Minimal pressure drop.

*Ultra-compact and highly efficient aluminium heat exchanger.

*Environmentally friendly refrigerant

*Manufactured to deliver performance to ISO 7183 industry standards.


Refrigerant Air Dryer Operation

The principal behind refrigerant air drying is to lower the temperature of the compressed air, water vapour condenses out of the air more readily at lower temperatures. Once the water content of the air has liquefied it can be removed from the air stream. For further information on the HYD Series refrigeration principle open our operation and flow brochure.


Standards Compliance

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The DS Filtration HYD range uses quality components and ecologically sound refrigerants. 
Each dryer is built to International Standard ISO 7183.

GSA Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant

  • ISO 7183:2007 specifies the performance data that are necessary to state and applicable test methods for different types of compressed air dryers. It is applicable to compressed air dryers working with an effective (gauge) pressure of more than 50 kPa (0,5 bar), but less than or equal to 1 600 kPa (16 bar) and include the following: adsorption dryers, membrane dryers, refrigeration dryers (including drying by cooling) or a combination of these. 
  • ISO 7183:2007 identifies test methods for measuring dryer parameters that include the following: pressure dew point, flow rate, pressure drop, compressed-air loss, power consumption and noise emission.
  • ISO 7183:2007 also provides partial-load tests for determining the performance of energy saving devices or measures and describes the mounting, operating and loading conditions of dryers for the measurement of noise.

During the manufacturing process every air dryer is tested and inspected for gas leakages using sophisticated helium and hydrogen leak detectors. Each air dryer is tested on completion to ensure it conforms to the relevant design and operational standards.


Want more Information??

The full specifications of our HYD Series Refrigerant Air Dryer range are available in the Refrigerated Air Dryers Brochure download or print our PDF version.

To make sure you have the correct HYD refrigerant air dryer for your compressed air system, we recommend speaking to our team -
call our Boronia warehouse 03 8719 5249, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.