Compressed Air Quality Testing

Compressed Air Quality Testing

Compressed air quality testing is there to protect employees and employers.

An air compressors draw in ambient air which usually contains water vapour, dust/dirt and hydrocarbons, when compressed the levels of these containments rises above the levels safe for breathing. Compressed air quality testing and filter maintenance is there to protect you and your employees - ensure your workers are safe and you’re compliant with Worksafe legislation in your state.

Compressed breathing air must conform to Australian Standards AS1715:2009, in some states an bi-annual or annual inspection is a requirement of Worksafe. 

DS Filtration will undertake a comprehensive air sample test onsite testing:  
Oxygen (O₂)                                                               Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)                                                 Oil
Odour                                                                        Temperature 
Relative Humidity                                                       Water Vapour. 

The test takes approximately 15-20mins, each spray booth or airline requires a separate test.  Discounts for additional tests at the same site location are applicable.  

If the levels meet the Australian Standards, we then issue a certificate of compliance which indicates the Compressed breathing air quality is to Australian Standards AS1715:2009.

It is also recommended that any filters used in the breathing air system are regularly checked, replaced and maintained in good operating conditions - if you have any concerns about your breathing air filtration please ask us - we are here to help!

We recommend you get your air tested to make sure you and your staff are protected!

Book online using the Air Test link below, alternatively email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our Melbourne office 03 8719 5249 to discuss your requirements.

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Compressed Air Quality Testing

Compressed breathing air quality testing to Australian Standards AS1715:2009.

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