Stainless Filters

Stainless Filters

DS Filtration is a recognised Australian distributor of the Ultra-Air range of steam and sterile filters that are suitable for a wide scope of industries and applications including: Aseptic packing, Biotechnology, Breweries, Chemical Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Dairies, Fermentation process, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical Industry and Water treatment systems. When you purchase Ultra-Air your guaranteed quality, reliabilty and efficiency.

The range of sterile filters are FDA / EC validated and approved.  Sterile means they are 'free of micro-organisms that are capable of reproducing itself'. Both steam and sterile filtration utilise the same filter housing which is the P-EG Stainless steel housing, they differentiate in the types of filter elements:

Ultrafilter P EG Housing

The P-EG stainless steel housing was developed for purification of compressed air and other technical gases.

*18 different sizes for operating volumes from 60 to 23.040Nm3/h related to 7 bar.

*Complies with European directive 97/23/EG for pressure vessels.

*Plug connection guarantees that the element remains safely fixed at all times and different elements can be installed due to the modular design.

 Download a brochure on the Ultrafilter P-EG housing here!

Ultrafilter P-GS ElementThe P-GS element is for steam filtration:

*Is made of Sintered stainless steel filters that remove particles from gases, liquids and steam.

*Made from re-generable weld-less sintered steel piping.

*Re-generable by ultrasonic cleaning.

 Download a technical data brochure on the Ultrafilter P-GS filter element.

The P-SRF element is for sterile filtrationUltrafilter P-SRF Element:

*Is a non-fibre releasing element with stainless steel inner and outer guards as well as end caps.

*Biologically and chemically inert.

*All components meet FDA requirements for the contact with food in accordance with federal regulations.

 Download a technical data brochure on the Ultrafilter P-SRF filter element.

Please contact us with any questions about Steam or Sterile filtration.


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