FP Series Water Separators

DS Filtration is now offering a range of centrifugal water separator which will complement our FP series filter range.  

Compressed air is a fundamental component of pneumatic systems, correct air treatment is essential to reducing operational costs including spoilage, downtime and maintenance as well as protecting tools and equipment.
Compressed air upon discharge from an air compressor is hot and as it travels downstream it cools and becomes saturated with moisture in the form of water vapour.  This water vapour can be removed using condensate drains, however for systems and applications where water contamination is a major issue then the FP Series Centrifugal water separators will remove up to 99% of the water aerosol in compressed air. 

The water separators use a cyclonic motion that pushes the water liquid out of the compressed air, it then gathers on the separator wall and when the condensate gathers enough mass it falls to the bottom of the separator bowl where is discharged by the autodrain. 
Ideally they are installed following an aftercooler and before the air tank.

DS Filtration's offers a range of Water Separators from 1/2" bsp 54cfm to 2 1/2" bsp 1040cfm, below are the technical specifications on the range.  To recieve a brochure on the FP Series Centrifugal Water Separators please download one below or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

FP Series water separator tech specs

For more information on the FP Centrifugal Water Separator series download our brochure 
or contact the DS Filtration team 03 8719 5249.